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First of all, We Are Not Mobil, sorry.

If you are looking for cheap (a low price) repairs on your vehicle, please call a mobile or shade tree mechanic. We try extremely hard to keep our prices low. A low repair bill to our customers means a lot to them and will bring them back if they have any other future repair needs. Depending on the repairs needed, the cost may not be cheap. If any of the following statements apply to your situation, then please call me for your vehicle repair service needs.

1. Mobile or shade tree mechanic was unable to finish the repairs, or the repairs did not fix the issue with the vehicle, and or made it worse.

2. You would like the repairs completed correctly the first time with a warranty.

Today’s vehicle AC systems are operated and controlled by an array of electronics (compressor, switches, computers, valves, thermostats, sensors, motors, etc.), tubing and lines. The three main components of the AC system are the AC compressor, Condenser and the Evaporator. The compressor pumps the refrigerant (freon) into the condenser located in the front of the vehicle for the purpose of removing heat from the system just like a radiator does for the engine. From there the freon passes thru either an expansion valve or an orifice tube which will causes the freon to expand and cool rapidly when entering the evaporator located within and under the dash of your vehicle. This freon enters the tubs of the evaporator, and the systems blower force air across these tubs in order to keep you cool. The compressor pushes the freon thru the system under high pressure between 135 – 345 PSI into the condenser. When the freon arrives back at the compressor on the low side after leaving the evaporator, the system pressure has reduced to between 25 and 55 PSI before the cycle repeats itself.

Now when the cold air stops blowing is when some type of a problem exist. The most common problem of AC system failure is that the refrigerant is leaking somewhere within the system. These leaks are most common in the Schrader valves (service ports) or the crimped areas of the systems lines. Sometimes you can see this leakage on the systems rubber hoses as a wet look near any connection or crimped connection. However, the leaks can occur anywhere in the system. I strongly advise against using a stop leak within the AC system for you will be asking for more problems than repair solutions. Here is a list of other possible areas that an AC system failure can occur.

1. AC compressor failure

2. AC pressure line switches / sensors

3. The AC control panel on the dash

4. Blend doors which direct the air flow within the passenger compartment

5. Multiple sensors within the vehicle (mostly temperature related)

6. Cooling fans

7. Air restriction, (cabin air filter, condenser or evaporator air flow blockage)

8. Fuses

9. Relays

10. Computer failure

11. Wiring (Power, Grounds and data communication wiring)

12. Serpentine Belt

13. Rodents (mice, squirrels) chewing the wiring

14. Engine temperature (low coolant or bad thermostat). This is when the engine’s computer protects the engine from overheating by turning off different systems like the AC system.

When opening the AC system on a vehicle by removing the compressor or disconnecting any component located within the Freon's cycle of flow, a recovery system is used in order to collect the freon and then filter it so it can be reused. This collection process records the amount of recovered Freon and the systems oil that was removed as well. When repairs are completed, the AC recovery machine will then disperse the correct amount of freon required for a vehicle. The amount of freon added to a system needs to be precise in a vehicle in order to achieve the designed cooling properties for the make and model of your vehicle.

My name is Scott, and my brother Russell can both be reached @ 225-44-FIXED, 225-443-4933, and my business name is "Xtreme Auto Repair". Interest free financing is available for those in need of it.

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