I really need someone to help me get a lawyer

I seriously need help ... I was threatened by my sister and brother and they've taken my kids after making me lose everything they physically and psychologically tried to destroy me they conspired against me in a horrible and violent manner and I'm afraid and upset and traumatized and I really need help someone please help me

I feel like I have proof and I have thousands of pictures to show I've always taken care of my kids... 😭

Theyve ruined my life in an incredibly short amount of time I'm not crazy it was Intentional and done by people who should have given a damn about me 😭 It's horrible and the judge refused to even let me have a trial or anything and I've never seen my kids again...

Please someone help me Idk how to figure it out I'm mentally screwed up with everything I'm positive I have PTSD it's been so much and I can't afford a lawyer 😭

I know someone has to be able to help me with sueing these people PLEASE Idc about the money I just want my kids back and I don't feel like after everything that I'm capable of restoring my life I don't want to live without them and it's just too hard 😭

I think I have a good case tho and they have plenty of money I just need help I need to get someone to investigate or something 😭

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