🌿 Looking for landscape business's to take on 20-30 accounts 🌿 (Baton Rouge & surrounding areas)

compensation: Highest earn outs and next day payment
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Pick up new lawn care customers free of charge! We're looking for experienced lawn care pros eager to grow their business this spring and summer.

What is Plowz and Mowz?

We're the best way to start or grow your business. Plowz and Mowz sends you recurring lawn care customers at no cost to you. The payout you see on the job is what you get paid - opportunities to upsell and make more as well. Just sign up and start accepting the jobs that work for you today.

Why work with Plowz and Mowz in Bowling Green?

80% of customers are recurring
Get paid within 48 hours of completion- right into your bank account
24/7 Help from Company's Support Team

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Your own vehicle and lawn care equipment
A smartphone -iOS or Android
Active General Liability Insurance

*Ask us about a personalized, professional website tailored to your business

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