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Another Drummer Ad (Gulf South)

I am a drummer/percussionist seeking a functional act or group of individuals who can create such in little to no time or at any given point. If you know of anyone needing help, please take the time and email me a name/number ..Anything useful.


Am I seeking ONE band… ideally yes, would be nice to find a fun group of profit minded , seasoned players, possibly with enough draw and ability to become or take any type of live act necc. To do the gig etc.

Is that realistic?... Not based on anything I have witnessed in this area in the past few years. Basically saying, nobody seems to be taking the time to groom acts anymore and there’s a lot of solo artists booking live shows that don’t actually have a band yet, get gigs anyways and various other non traditional things causing very little “band” success these days…so, as it turns out few to NONE of you have enough work to keep a full time drummer or band steady so , you have to live with your guys playing in several acts , if they are indeed, career musicians etc. or fill your calendar. That helps keep a band together I’ve noticed.

Am I interested in learning your original material?...... Yes, if you are on an actively signed label and the gig requires it. Otherwise, I am not interested in helping any member of any band finish a dream project or worse, rewrite it or even start to get into things like performance royalties.. mechanical rights… all that I have done several times and I get that as musicians , we all own recording gear and play multiple instruments and have ideas as to how much better radio could be one day etc. use that energy and creativity on stage making songs your own first, then we will talk about fantasy projects after several months of trust and gel, other than that, you get my point.

Can I commit to ‘practice’?... Sure!! I practice the things I need to work out, it’s my job as the drummer. I tend to do this on my own time/room/space/gear/devices that help me learn fast. Will I be willing to get together as a band periodically off stage and rehearse, not practice, new material or work out fine details of shows or tweak sound gear or fix issues?..Absolutely!!! What I do not want to do is spend hours of my scheduled life in a room full of unprepared musicians using band practice as an escape from whatever and the only time they actually touched their instrument all week/month. As long as we all understand the difference between practice, rehearsal, dress rehearsals, sound checks, etc… we should be good.

Does this guy ‘get it’ ‘get it’……Yes, can you afford it afford it? I have the tools /props/drum kits to play about any type of gig.. from tiny muted restaurant environments, small club stages, medium ones, larger venues and full blown trailer full of drum cases on wheels for small or large distance shows /tours. I can lay in the background or I can be pretty vibrant as required. What’s the gig call for and what was your drummer budget again…?

Do I have an attitude?..... Apparently, yes. I am growing one against my will. I have met several dreamers, numerous “booking agencies’ , several potentially great players and countless self made heroes since watching this entire area, I’ve played with a few see..and kept an ear to the ground for truly seasoned, functional acts and just have not seen any success worth mentioning by any act after all that hype. There is a market for a great live band and there are indeed good shows being played. I’ve seen countless shows that pay or could pay decent if the band was actually holding that gig down or actually working at it. I have seen an extraordinary amount of lazy drummers and mediocre drummers and guitarists and bassists playing in bands that have decent gigs but lazy minded players. I feel like a band of ANY type at ANY show should be a show. 90% of what I see is a few dudes loafing around the stage waiting to get paid at the end of the show. Sometimes you see acts where each member is moving around in his or her own bubble and each member looks like they at a different gig. I see that a lot. So, it does indeed frustrate me to no end , that a guy with a ton of gear and years of realistic playing is having trouble staying busy playing while assclowns roam freely, with pay, night after night.

What kind of music do you play?
The good kind. Swamp pop and modern country bands are an absolute dead end for me.
If your act requires a cowboy hat by any member, we will not get along as musicians. we can go fish or something but that’s about it. Ill break down my playing experience like they do outboard motor time I guess (these will be approximate live stage hours, not rehearsal and practice hours )

Original Bands (various acts) 3000-9000hrs? who knows
Rock Covers 2000hrs
Blues Bands 6000hrs
Jazz/funk/experimental 2500hrs
Old country/slow rock bands 1200 hrs?
Hard rock /Metal cover bands 2000 hrs
Pop rock covers 1000 hrs
Modern country 0 hrs
Acoustic Acts 5-900 hrs
Studio recording (various) 1-2500 hrs
Home Studio recording 1-9000 hrs

I require a week per 10 songs to have show ready , I may or may not have done them before. Didn’t spend a ton of my life learning guitarist ‘standards’ , but I can jump on stage in about any emergency crisis and have too many times.. we will get through it.. always do.

Email me @ Livemusicdrummer @ ONLY
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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