Re: Donnie Bonespurs POS (Denham Springs)

I agree that the idiot meme poster in Denham Springs has a real sickness. I have attempted to post rational and clean responses to that coward's posts, and my posts were immediately flagged and removed. He will not even attempt to listen to reason or the truth. None of that matters - just his insane hatred of anything conservative, Christian, or pro-American. Not only will he not respond directly to questions, but he flags any direct responses to his childish memes and statements (which are so obviously lies), because he is not capable of debating truth or common sense.

This kind of an individual will never be convinced he is wrong. I believe he is so completely convinced his fantasy is real that he would attempt to destroy anyone who disagrees with him. He has the emotional maturity of someone around 6 years old and if I were to guess, does not have a job (nor will likely ever), lives in his mother's basement (or attic), does drugs, and hides the fact he has not come out of the closet about his latent homosexual urges (you can look at his memes and know he frequents homosexual porn sites). He is the archetypical ANTIFA-type who hides behind his mask, has no clue what a real man is, has no common sense, honor, bravery or even self-respect. He has no love or respect of anyone on this planet much less himself. He is not much more than human debris. He does have delusions of grandeur though. He has convinced himself he is smarter than everyone around him, knows more about every issue possible, and can not be convinced he is wrong. He is a legend in his own mind. These are signs of a mental illness... probably one of the antisocial personality disorders.
Regardless, I believe you are right - he is indeed sick.
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